SOLO D225 Desktop Label Printer

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The SOLO T225 desktop label printer combines reliability and performance in a robust package. Using a TSC chassis, this modified printer works with Label Direct for SOLO software out of the box.

Key features

  • Heavy-duty robust chassis
  • 203 dpi resolution (8 dot per mm)
  • 2 inch (102mm) print width
  • 5 inch per second print speed
  • Direct Thermal printing only
  • 75m stock roll length
  • Print up to 1000 labels per print run
  • Direct Thermal & Thermal Transfer Printing capability

The TSC printer is easy to operate. Loading media is a cinch and printing labels is childsplay. Coupled with the Label Direct software, printing labels is reliable and accurate. Stand out from the crowd with professional labels.

There are 2 ways to print labels.

Standalone Design: You can set a label up as a standalone design and fill the information in for your specific product.

Database Labels: Alternatively, you can create a template design with a title, ingredient area, prices, use by dates etc. This can then be linked to a simple table of your products. Linking to the database means you can print multiple product labels that all have the same look and feel. You can also add new products or make changes to your labels by editing your database.

Font sizes and dates are all managed automatically by the system. Barcodes and images can be added with ease too.

Why buy from us?

There are several reasons to buy your labels printer, labelling software and nutrition data management software from We offer the complete deal – everything you need to run your food business and meet all the labelling regulations. Consumables, Hardware, software and support from a friendly company, dedicated to customer support.

Free Installation

We will remotely install your printer on your computer for you – saving you the worry of getting your printer to work.

Free Setup

We will set up your labelling system for you so you are printing labels straight out of the box.

Free Training

When we set up your labelling software, we will show you how to use it – we also have a library of training videos to refer to whenever you want to find something out.

Free Artwork

We will design your template labels for you free of charge when you order labels from us.

Free Helpdesk

We offer free helpdesk support to all of our customers. Unlike many other suppliers who are only interested in shifting boxes, we support all of our customers for the long term. So long as you are buying your labels from us, we will support you with any issues you face using your printer.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 35 × 25 × 30 cm