Nutridata Lite & Nutridata Pro

  • Ingredient Data
  • Allergen Highlighting
  • QUID Declarations
  • Product costs*
  • Nutrition calculations*
  • Traffic light highlighting*

All in one simple online application with Nutridata Lite or *Nutridata Pro.

Nutridata makes managing your products easy – this powerful web-based software lets you database your pantry ingredients and create products with all the necessary labelling information requirements in one application.

Nutridata calculates everything for you:

  • Reviews your ingredients and highlights the allergens
  • Reviews your recipes and puts them in QUID order
  • Calculates the cost of your recipe for you
  • Let’s you build multiple products from a single recipe
  • Calculates the nutrition values of all your products
  • Outputs the traffic light signalling data for you

Nutridata works in four simple stages:

  • Upload your ingredients (or add them from the McCance & Widdowson dataset)
  • Create recipes using your ingredients
  • Create products using your recipes
  • Download your data as an Excel file to work with your labelling software

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