Nutridata Lite

Nutridata Lite is designed to help food producers meet Natasha’s Law regulations. The software helps you manage your ingredients, allergens and quantitative order ingredient declarations for your labels so your labels are compatible with Natasha’s Law.

This software is aimed at food producers who prepare and pre-pack food in advance for sale from the same location as the product was made. If you fit this description, you need to meet the Natasha’s Law regulations coming into force in October 2021.

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How does Nutridata Lite work?

Nutridata Lite works through a web browser. This means is it compatible with any device that can run web browser. So that means a Windows PC, a Mac, iPad, iPhone, Linux computer or any Android-powered device.

The software follows a 4 step process to achieve what you need:

  • Load your pantry ingredients
  • Build recipes from your pantry ingredients
  • Create products from your recipes
  • Download your ingredient data to use on your labels

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