Nutridata Benefits

Nutridata comes in 2 versions suited to smaller or larger food businesses.

Nutridata is a web-based application accessed via any web-compatible browser. This means you can use it with Windows, Apple, Linux, iPhone and Android devices.

The foundation of the system is ingredients. Ingredients can be added from the comprehensive pre-installed McCance & Widdowson Database or you can enter the information directly from the product information you have about your ingredient.

This information along with a raft of associated data is then used to deliver all the information you need to meet EU FIC regulations and the new Natasha’s Law rules.

Look at the software comparison below:

Nutridata Lite

Nutridata Pro

  • Unlimited Ingredients
  • Unlimited Recipes
  • Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Automated Allergen Highlighting
  • QUID Ingredient control
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Unlimited Ingredients
  • Unlimited Recipes
  • Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Automated Allergen Highlighting
  • QUID Ingredient control
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Product Sheet exports
  • Automated Cost Calculations
  • Automated Nutrition Calculations
  • Traffic Light indication

Nutridata comes with exceptional benefits!

Easy to Use:

Nutridata is designed in a step-by-step workflow. It guides you naturally through what you need to do. Making it intuitive and simple to use.

Cloud Based:

Because the software is web based, your data is always secure on our servers, backed up on an hourly basis.

Always Accurate:

Nutridata calculates and processes your data accurately, every time a change is made. This means your sums are always correct!


Nutridata is designed with scalability in mind. You can have as many ingredients, recipes and products as you like! And it’s all included in the price!

QUID Declaration:

Nutridata QUID’s every ingredient for you. Your recipe will be listed in compositional order with percentages calculated automatically.

Allergen Highlighting

Nutridata reviews the composition ingredients of your product and highlights the allergens automatically. Changes cascade through the system automatically.

Why has Nutridata been developed?

Nutridata has been designed to help food producers deal with labelling laws introduced in 2016 and a new law coming into effect in 2021.

These laws both require the full labelling of ingredients and allergens in the ingredient list of food products. This means food producers now have a number of data management issues to overcome.

These laws apply to all food producers and outlets making pre-packed foods for sale or distribution to the public.

Until 2016, ingredient and allergen labelling only applies to outlets making pre-packed food to be sold away from the place it is made.

From October 2021, all pre-packed food, whether it is made on the site where it is sold or not will need this full ingredient and allergen labelling. This change is commonly refered to as Natasha’s Law in memory of Natasha Ednan Laparouse.

Larger producers also need to include nutrition information with their products. This is a big computing challenge, ideally suited to software, rather than trying to do the calculations yourself using spreadsheets!

What does Nutridata do?

Nutridata allows you to manage your ‘pantry’ ingredients in a database. This database holds the ingredient compositions and nutrition information as well as costs.

You then create recipes from your ingredients, specifying the amount of each ingredient in the recipe.

This allows the software to compute:

  • The quantitative amount of each ingredient in the product to give you a QUID ingredient listing.
  • The cost of each ingredient in the recipe and the total cost of the recipe.
  • The nutritional value contributed to the overall product for the nutrition components that need specifying by law.
  • The ‘traffic light signal’ that should be made on a front of pack traffic light lozenge.

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