Stop the press! Complete Software & Printer Systems on Lease

One of the biggest pressures for any business is cashflow. No-one likes being stuck with a huge capital expenditure to mess up their finely balance bank account! Well we hear you!

Positive ID and Nutridata are proud to be able to offer contract leasing for our products from as little as £39 per month!!

You need to call us on 01332 864895 to find out more but basically, here is what is on offer…

  • Nutridata software to calculate all you nutrition and QUID ingredient lists WITH allergens!
  • 2″ Direct Thermal Label Printer
  • Label Direct software to design and print your labels

Whilst the competition are busy trying to get hundreds if not thousands of pounds off you – we are happy to spread the cost with you.

Minimum contracts and administrative fees apply.

Call us now on 01332 864895 for more information!

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