Nutridata Updates – nutrition calculation software improvements

nutridata updatesNutridata Updates are a core part of the way we manage our software. Nutridata is not a static finished piece of nutrition calculation software. It is an ongoing project to deliver the most competent and capable piece of software at the best price to our customers.

We have flexible payment options so you can dip in for a month or chose an annual or lifetime license.

Nutridata Updates since release

We are now on version 1.1.3 of the software. Every tweak is given a new designation so we have made about 13 updates so far.

Key Improvements:

NutriData v. 1.0.2
1) Redirect to Subscriptions Page when a Licence is expired. All functions are locked, except the Subscription Page.
2) Help buttons redirected to

NutriData v. 1.0.3
1) Updated links for help buttons
2) Subscriptions price format changed to UK
3) ‘PayAYG’ renamed to ’30 Days’
4) Corrected indicators function
5) Recipe QUID: All text is builded in Titlecase, leaving only allergens in capitals
6) Corrected postcode in About/Contact form
7) Percentages rounded to the nearest 1 percent
8) DB template file checked

NutriData v. 1.0.4
1) Multiple product titles availability (up to 4 additional titles)
2) Multiple product prices availability (up to 5)
3) Serving size pre-filled by default to the recipe weight
4) Recipe description is optional field
5) Ingredient description is optional field
6) Improved uppercase function for Allergens which catches word-in-a-word
7) Optional HTML tags for Allergens
8) Updated links for help buttons
9) Updated contact details in About/Contact forms
10) Prices format checked
11) DB template file updated

NutriData v. 1.0.5
1) Recipe Update triggers Product Details Update
2) Ingredient Update triggers Recipe Details Update and Product Details Update
3) A recipe can be used more than one times in a product
4) Ingredients round to nearest integer checked
5) Reverse indicators option during excel export
6) Additional statement for nutrition data. It is stored in the database and exported in the excel spreadsheet.
7) Variables round -> based on over/under 10g
8) Warning messages starting with blank message
9) ‘Additional Columns’ bug fixed.

NutriData v. 1.0.6
1) Nutrition Data Calculation Fixed
2) Product: Nutrition Data Info Field Bug Fixed
3) Product: Nutrition Info: RI value bug fixed
4) Edit ingredient minor bug fixed

NutriData v. 1.0.7
1) Update recipes bug fixed

NutriData v. 1.0.8
1) Cost calculations bug fixed

NutriData v. 1.0.9
1) Change during registration:
If coming from a trial version, ‘Organisation’ field will be pre-filled with the name that was used in trial registration.

NutriData v. 1.0.10
1) Registration procedure improvements and bug fixes.

NutriData v. 1.0.11
1) Database construction update to cover larger nutrition data values.

NutriData v. 1.0.12
1) Introduced option to cut down a recipe.
This means users can make big batches of product and then cut those batches down into saleable sizes or portions – ideally suited to bakers.

NutriData v. 1.0.13
1) Updated export dialog during the excel spreadsheet creation explaining in detail, the actual and opposite value options.
This gives users the choice to have the boolean indicators for traffic light labelling as the actual value or the opposite of the boolean value. If the indicator is the opposite of the boolean value, this can be used to create overprinting marks on the labels to conceal traffic light indicators that are not relevent to the product.

NutriData v. 1.1.0
1) Update notifications added
Users are notified of newer versions of the software being available on the server
2) Optional cook-loss calculation (beta)

NutriData v. 1.1.1
Not used.

NutriData v. 1.1.2
1) Nutrition Values per 100g added to the Excel export.
2) W&M Database field ’Sodium’ is now multiplied by 2.5 to produce the ‘Salt’ value before adding an ingredient.
3) Excel format is now 97-2003, ‘.xls’ to be compatible with LabelDirect Software without conversion.

NutriData v. 1.1.3
1) Increased command timeout during the initial database creation (Both Full & Trial Versions)
This is suitable for users with slower internet connections
2) Trial version updated with the latest changes

NutriData v. 1.1.4
1) Force re-calculate option added in recipes and product main menu.
Clicking this button, all nutrition information will be recalculated from the ingredient till the product stage.
2) Bug found while editing an ingredient used in a recipe, which then caused QUID mis-formulation.

You can buy the lastest version of the software with all the Nutridata updates in place by clicking here.

We are available on the phone and via email to deal with any problems you might experience and we are always open to suggestions to improve the software.

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