Ingredient Nutrition & Weight Data

datadensityNutridata has been built around nutrition data being calculated by weight – it was simply too complicated to mix weight and volume nutrition information and come up with a correct answer!

Some products you use will be sold with their nutrition data labelled in liquid units rather than weight units. An example of this might be mayonnaise or Tomato Ketchup or Salad Cream. Be sure to check the nutrition declaration on the product label to ensure your input data matches this correctly. If the nutrition data is reported ‘per 100g‘, you can use this information as is.

If the nutrition data is reported ‘per 100ml‘, then you will need to convert your nutrition data based on the density of the product.

How do I convert my information?

Online Sources

You can search online for data. You can try the manufacturers website for data or you can find information on third party websites. In the UK, supermarkets often list nutrition data on the online shopping sections of their websites. THis will generally provide accurate information on nutrition data without any cost to you!


To convert liquid based nutrition data to weight based, you will need to discover the weight of the ingredient in order to calculate its density (in this case grams per 100ml). You can do this by placing a known volume of product into a container on a scale set to zero. i.e.

  • Place the receptical on a scale
  • Zero the scale
  • Pour the known volume of ingredient into the container
  • Note the weight of the ingredient
  • Divide the weight by the volume and multiply by 100

e.g. 200ml of product weighs 220g then 100ml of product will be equal to 110g
(200g / 2 = 100g Therefore 220g / 2 = 110g)

The nutrition data for 100ml of product is therefore equivalent to the nutrition data for 110g of product.

Load the full data from the nutrition table on the product label but at the top of the nutrition input area, type 110g NOT 100g (the default value).

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