Do I need Nutrition Data on my products?

If you are preparing pre-packaged food for sale off site, then yes, you need to include nutrition data on your product labelling and packaging. This is because of the EU FIC (Food Information to Consumers) regulations that come into place on 13th December 2016.

How does it work?

The software calculates nutrition data from the components of your product. For example, if you make a ham sandwich with mustard, you need to define the bread, spread, ham and mustard in your recipe. You do this by indicating how many grams of each ingredient you use.

The software then calculates the nutrition data for each component and adds it together for you. It then calculates the nutrition data for the full recipe and per 100g or 100ml, depending on the product.

How much does it cost?

You can buy a single lifetime license for life for £499 + VAT. You will receive the software and a registration number to activate the software. Once you own it, you can use it however you see fit.

We also offer a range of other options including time limited versions that allow you to work on as many products as you want during the registration period.

We offer a subscription service that allows you to pay on a monthly basis too.

If you have a specific query, just give us a call on 01332 864895 and we can answer your questions.

How many copies can I have?

The standard software comes for use on one computer but if you need more licenses, they are offered at volume discounts. We are happy to negotiate higher volume deals if necessary.

Can it calculate ‘traffic light’ data?

Yes, the software outputs data to an Excel spreadsheet for you and part of that data is the “Low”, “Medium” and “High” indications for so-called “Traffic Light” indicators.

If you buy labels from us, we can include a traffic light device on your labels that allow you to show the nutrition data in traffic light format at a fraction of the cost of full colour labelling systems.

How many ingredients can I use?

As many as you like – well, ish! The servers are not infinite but we think you should manage; we have terabytes of storage for you 🙂

How many recipes can I create?

As many as you like – well – ish! We haven’t set a limit so if you break our servers, well done! We dare you to try 😉

How many products can I create?

We think you get the idea – there really isn’t a limit we can forsee the system being capable of.

Does it do QUID Ingredient declarations?

Yes, the system automatically configures your ingredients based on how much is in the recipe. If you have 50g of one ingredient, 35g of another and 15g of a third, the ingredients will be listed in that order and the the percentages indicated.

How does it handle Allergens?

We have pre-programmed the system to find allergens and highlight them for you (in UPPERCASE). You can also add specific allergen products to your list so for example if your recipe is for “Tuna” then you can set the system to change that to “Tuna (FISH)” in order to meet the allergen regulations.

Other examples:
Cheese – Cheese (MILK)
Butter – Butter (MILK)
Prawns – Prawns (SHELLFISH)

Can I test recipes?

Yes, as the system can handle an unlimited amount of recipes, you can add as many as you like. Alternatively, you can change the amount of ingredients in your recipe to change the fat content or total energy. It really is up to you.

Does it work on a Mac, Ubuntu, Linux?

Nutridata has been built to operate on Windows based computers. It may be possible for you to run Nutridata on a Mac or Linux based computer operating system but we do not support such set ups. To make Nutridata work on a non-Windows machine, you will need to run a virtual machine and a windows emulations software.

Free Virtual Machine Software:
Virtual Box – suitable for all Operating Systems

Apple Windows Emulation Software:
Parallels – suitable for Macs, or
Wine – also suitable for Macs

Linux/Ubuntu Windows Emulation Software:
or specifically for Ubuntu/Linux systems click here

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