Positive ID recognise the scope of companies that require nutrition data to fulfil the requirements of the EU FIC legislation. We have invested tens of thoudands of pounds developing a system to not only allow customers meet their obligation but also for us to manage the service we provide through this software. Everything we have done has been build around being scalable.

Positive ID are pleased to be able to offer complete re-seller packages that allows you to operate completely independently of us.

What the package includes

  • Fully re-branded Nutridata software
  • Your own server (we recommend a back up server too)*
  • Website**
  • Training

With our re-seller package we can supply installation software customised to your brand – we can help with the branding too if you want!

The server that runs the Nutridata back end, once set up, this is fully automated and performs daily back ups to protect your customer data. The server manages the licensing to ensure your customers renew their subscriptions if required.

We can provide a duplicated website similar to this one but branded to your needs. You are at liberty to build your own.

We will give you training to show you how to run your software business.

If you would like to know more, just give us a call on 01332 864895 and ask for Pete or John. Alternatively, send us a message via the form below.
Please do not contact us about any other form of enquiry (e.g. SEO Services) as your enquiry will only be deleted.

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*Internet connection required
** Initial hosting and domain registration only

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