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The Nutridata Software license allows you to use the full capabilities of Nurtidata by Positive ID Labelling.

Nutridata software is easy to use and gives reliable nutrition information using the McCance & Widdowson Dataset along with any nutrition data you add yourself. You can learn how to use teh software quickly and easily:

Step 1: Load the ingredients you will use in your products
Step 2: Compile a recipe of how much of each ingredient is in your product
Step 3: Complete any other information such as barcodes or cooking instructions for your product
Step 4: Export your data for use with your labelling software.

You can download all your recipes in one file or split them into discrete files.

When you load your ingredients into Nutirdata, you can specify the unit price of the product. Nutridata will calculate the material cost of your products for you, helping you ensure profit margins are sustainable and competitive.


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