Nutridata is Easy to Use


Nutridata is a four step process that is easy to use.

Build your ingredient list:

You only have a finite set of ingredients used in your business right? You can add data about your ingredients from the McCance and Widdowson Dataset or build your own data from the labelling on the packaging of the ingredients you use. Mix and match your own and W&M dataset to make the perfect list.

Build you recipe:

Once you have the ingredients you need, just combine them, indicating how much of each ingredient that is present to make a recipe. You can build new recipes using a recipe you have already built as a start point too.

Build a product:

Once you have your recipe, you can use this with a product, specifying the weight of the product or serving size along with other information such as storage instructions or warnings or preparation instructions, use by longevity etc.

Export you data:

Once you have prepared your products you can export the data to an excel spreadsheet. This can be used with your labelling software – or ours 🙂 – to create your labels.


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