Would you like to earn some easy money? If so, why not become an affiliate. It is a simple way of building some income with very little effort.

Key points

  • 60 day cookies
  • 25% commissions
  • £100 payment threshold
  • Monthly payments 28-61 days from sale paid at end of subsequent month.

How it works

Being an affiliate means being paid for referring potential customers to us. If they buy our product as a result of your referral, we pay a whopping 25% (ex. VAT) on the sale directly to you. You have no other responsibilities to the customer, we look after them from there on in. We do not care if you are an individual or a company, we are happy for anyone or any organisation to promote our products.

Recording your sales is done through ‘cookies’ which are little packets of information stored on the user’s computer that identify them to us. If the user is reconciled to your affiliate account, you are credited with the sale. Unfortunately, the customer must accept cookies on their computer. If their computer is set to reject our cookies, we cannot attribute the sale to you.

How will I be paid

You will need to have a paypal account and link that to the email you sign up with. We will pay the commission the month following the month of the sale. So if you make a sale on April 15th, you will be paid for that sale on May 31st. If your total commission is under £100, we will hold the payment back until you exceed the payment threshold.

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